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daruma homes

Safe, sanitary, and dignified emergency shelter for the urban displaced

A daruma, or だるま, is a wishing doll that has long been a symbol of good fortune in Japanese culture. It is a round paper doll with a weight on the bottom and is found in many households as an ornament that protects them from danger. 


A daruma's round body makes it impossible for it to topple and fall. No matter how strong it is pushed or tilted, the daruma will always get back up. The daruma is a profound symbol of perseverance and tenacity in a time of difficulty.


This symbolism of だるま is why we chose this name for us. We want to be the daruma that gives power to those displaced in a disaster. It is our dream to provide a space where people who may have lost everything can find courage to persevere. Through the meaning of our name, we want everyone to know that we are here to help in the most dire of times. 

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