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As a host, you play a crucial role in emergency disaster response by being key first respondents during a natural disaster. You have the power to uplift individuals, families, and even communities. Because of you, people will be able to live with dignity and resume pre-disaster lives more quickly. See below to learn more about what that means for you.

Your Journey

Learn more about how to become an evacuee host

What You Need

Details on what your home should have & your responsibilities

Support from Us

How daruma will support you before, during, & after your hosting


Your journey as a host

create a profile

Once you have made your profile, we will ask you to post your available space on our platform. Your listing should include:


Photos of your space

List of amenities

House rules

Other tenant details

Length of availability


After your listing is posted, we will ask you to tell us what types of people you would be happy to host. In a disaster, all sorts of people are affected, from young professionals to single mothers & the elderly. While our mission is to help serve those who are vulnerable, we know you have your circumstances and may have reasons hosting certain people may be tricky. We therefore ask you specify your preferences before a disaster hits

registration confirmed!


When your registration is officially complete, you will be invited to an induction training, where you will meet fellow hosts who have all generously offered their space for the displaced. The induction will teach you about your city's disaster response plan, the nature of internal displacement, and how you can help support your guests. Through this, you will join a community of impact-driven people wanting to make the world a better place. As a token, each host will receive a mini daruma figure indicating their contribution to the cause. 

What you need to be a host


You don't actually need much to become a host. All you need is: 

A space with basic amenities

Valid government ID

Availability for at least 2 weeks

A smartphone / computer

A kind heart & willingness to help

Available support from us 


Daruma wants your hosting experience to be as seamless as possible. To help with that, we support you in several ways. 

conflict management

damage protection

customer support

community platform

training & resources


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