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What is daruma homes?

Daruma homes will provide those displaced by disasters with an alternative to the conventional emergency shelter options that are often overcrowded, inadequate, and unsanitary. Through space-sharing, we match guests with host families, home owners, and hotel/hostels in a socio-culturally appropriate manner to deliver safe, rapid, local, and inclusive shelter.


Our long-term vision is

to have Daruma become an

integral part of all major city disaster management plans around the world.


The desire is for Daruma to be the most reliable & preferred first respondents in any urban

natural disaster.


Disasters affect all of us. It's a

snowball effect - displaced individuals 

must refuge in public areas, preventing these spaces from serving their intended role. Shelters can also be far from home & often inadequate, making it extremely difficult for people to return to pre-disaster lives. As a consequence, businesses will be less productive & cities will suffer economic decline.

BUT, if we can give individuals better shelter options, they can return to pre-disaster conditions faster. We can mitigate adversities and recover together.

With Daruma, this is possible.


Uplift communities facing disaster induced socio-economic issues by integrating better

Enable healthier disaster recovery 

by reducing the number of displaced people in inadequate shelter

Fight climate change injustice by providing shelter inclusive to those who are vulnerable

By making Daruma homes a reality, we can contribute to meeting the pledges made in the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. Join us on our journey

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